The use of VPN is prohibited. Accounts with VPN usage will be blocked. In addition, the payout will be denied.

The reward of the game ReBounce! is issued only once per account.

Our Gold Quiz can only be played four times per account.

Countries that are excluded in the Google Play Store are also excluded from support and payout. So please DO NOT download our app from some website.

Payouts are only possible once the user has reached at least 500 gold in the app. Below this, a payout is not possible.

Each Payout that is requested for Paypal is only valid if the used PayPal Account is only connected unique to one specific account. If there are users that use multiple PayPal accounts for one account or multiple Goldfever user accounts with one PayPal account we preserve the right to decline future Payoutrequests. Additionally we keep the option of closing down the specific accounts.

It’s prohibited in any kind of way to manipulate the Advertising ID that is used on a device with the target of gaining an advantage. If it gets noticed the related account gets blocked and closed immediately.

Any offer that is used in the app to gain coins is limited to one time per user. In case a user is identified for using the same offer multiple times, the consequence the user faces is not receiving coins for improper offers and removal of coins from improper offers.

Ingame changes 

We preserve the right to take actions that change the ingame values in order to improve the experience user have in Goldfever.

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