Goldfieber - Geld verdienen / Gold Fever - Make Cash

Earn Real Cash NOW!

Goldfieber - Geld verdienen / Gold Fever - Make Cash

“Gold Fever is the first game, which shares advertising sales with its users!”

How Gold Fever works


Gold Fever is the easiest way to make EXTRA money with a game.

Hire miners

Many miners dig a lot of gold. Use as many miners as possible.

Gold digging

Look for the biggest and most beautiful gold heaps and start mining with one miner per goldstone.

Boost your miners

Your miners often need a long time. Shorten the time, by watching video ads to the end.
Goldfieber - Geld verdienen / Gold Fever - Make Cash
Goldfieber - Geld verdienen / Gold Fever - Make Cash
Goldfieber - Geld verdienen / Gold Fever - Make Cash
Goldfieber - Geld verdienen / Gold Fever - Make Cash

Earn coins

You have to pay your miners. Get coins for various offers.

Invite friends

Inviting friends is a good way to earn coins! For each accepted invitation you get lots of coins and can pay your miners!

Money payout

Exchange your gold into real money! Redeem your money via paypal or amazon within 7 days.

Frequently Asked Questions & Aswers

How does Gold Fever work?

With Gold Fever you can become a real entrepreneur and earn real money and great prizes. All you have to do is recruit enough miners and have them work for you. Each miner can mine several pieces of gold per day, depending on how fast you have him work. As a good boss, you need to pay your miners a wage, otherwise they will strike and stop mining gold. A miner costs 10 coins per order. You can get an abundance of coins via our partner offers by testing other apps and games, watching videos or taking part in surveys. When you have collected enough gold, you can receive the credit balance in gift cards, e.g. from Amazon, XBOX, PSN, Zalando, Paysafecard, or directly via PayPal

How does Gold Fever finance all this?

It’s simple: we receive a commission for each video you watch and for each app that you test for us. We put some of the profit aside and split it between all active players accordingly. We practically share our advertising revenue with you. Isn’t that great?

Can I also donate my credit balance?

We think it’s wonderful that you wish to make a donation. If you wish to do so, simple send us an email requesting a payout and the desired beneficiary. We will then donate the credit balance in your name and provide you with evidence thereof. There will be a direct donate function in future updates.

How do I get my gold paid out?

When you have reached a minimum payment threshold of 500 gold nuggets, you can easily arrange a payout of 5–50 EUR via PayPal, Amazon or as a prepaid card of one of our providers. It can take up to 7 days for the money to be credited.

Payout denied?

There could be a number of reasons why your payout was denied. It may be that there are problems with your payment account and the amount can therefore not be paid out. If this is the case, please contact the customer service of PayPal directly. Furthermore, earning gold through manipulation in the code or hacking/cheating is forbidden. We would love to share our advertising revenue with you, and in order to do this the gold needs to be won in an honest manner.

I won’t receive any coins?

Tasks must be completed in full, a video must be watched to the end and a survey must be completed in full. Each offer precisely defines what needs to be done in order to complete the task. Make sure that you have an active Internet connection. With some offers there may be delays in the crediting of coins. If this occurs, wait a few hours or use the support functions of the relevant offer partner.

Missing Coins from Fyber?

Your question could not be answered here? Please use our contact form, to contact our support and describe your problem as precisely as possible.

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Goldfieber - Geld verdienen / Gold Fever - Make Cash
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